• Don’t take the threat lightly – as the old saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Preparing for a hurricane is strenuous work. It’s best to plan ahead and do a little bit at a time.
  • When planning and executing your plan, the details matter.
  • The importance and the value of carrying insurance suddenly becomes obvious. 
  • Understandably, people value insurance more when there is a direct threat to their property or livelihood.
  • Often times people wait until the last moment to get their insurance in order.
  • During the storm we become more friendly with our neighbors. – Perhaps we should do this more when there is no threat of a storm.
  • Life is short; count your blessings everyday…
  • Support and pray for your neighbors; especially those across the seas
  • It pays to be prepared during hurricane season:
  • Keep your home well maintained. – There are several things that I put off which made our home more vulnerable and susceptible to damage.
  • Have the right tools on hand.
  • Have extra parts on hand.
  • Keep everything lubricated and serviced ahead of time.
  • Have your detailed plans in place and reviewed as a family and/or as an organization at the start of the season, before there is a threat.
  • Set clear expectations for everybody
  • Stock up on non-perishable food, water and other items.
  • Try to remain calm
  • Try not to sit in front of the TV watching the channel that reports on the storm all day long! This tends to get us hyped up – unnecessarily.
  • We can get all the information we need about the storm from the National Hurricane Center in 5 to 10 minute intervals. They provide a schedule of updates and we have access to this on the Internet as well as on the TV.

Our customers can rest easy because our team is committed and ready to rise to the occasion to serve them.

We have a deep sense of purpose to be ‘right there with you’ and be the ‘lighthouse’ for you during these times of potential damage and loss.

Your friend,

Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis

My passion is to inspire and guide others into discovering and reaching their potential. I want to help people see the greatness inside of themselves and then give them the tools to bring it out. I want to help people discover their purpose and passion and then teach them how to live using their strengths.