I’m starting to like the game of golf! Every time I get out there I enjoy being with the people in the foursome within the foursomes. I also appreciate being in nature and trying to figure out how to hit the ball so it goes where I want it to go. And without exception I learn something every single time.

Last Monday was no different. And this time I actually have a video to show for it. You will get a really good laugh as you watch it below. This was a classic and I’m really grateful that my friend Luis, caught it on his phone.

There I was. Looking good as I lined up and got ready to drive a ball on to the fairway. Looking like I knew what I was doing. And then as I swung to hit the ball, I hit the ground so hard it broke the club and the head went flying and nearly made its way on to the course as it landed in the pond. And the ball didn’t move an inch.

Click here to watch the clip

The video does not catch what happened after. It didn’t catch the loud outburst of laughter and chatter that took place in the tent that was set up on the teeing ground area of that first hole.

People were having fun, they were milking it and having a good time with what just happened. Myself included. I mean this was a classic. And in that noise and chatter, I heard several people say, “Now I know I can sign up to play in next year’s tournament.” I gave people hope! If Robin can play at this event then certainly so could I! It made me aware that others, like I have, many times in the past, didn’t sign up or participate in things because we thought we weren’t good enough. Or because we were afraid of how we would look if we messed up.

If we want to get good at anything we’re going to have to fail. We need to be okay with failing. The only people who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t try anything new.

Let me give you hope!

I’m right there with you,

Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis

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