You’re driving and your cell phone rings. You look down to see who’s calling just as a pedestrian darts into the crosswalk even though the light is green. You can’t stop in time, and the woman is injured.

A few months later, a judge awards the woman $1 million. Your auto insurance pays its policy limit of $500,000. And the rest is up to you.

How are you going to pay the remaining half-million dollars?

Did you know…

…accidents happen to the most responsible individuals, regardless of age or driving experience?

…juries determine damages on the severity of an accident and the personal trauma to the victim, not your ability to pay those damages?

…more than 80 percent of catastrophic accidents involve motor vehicles?

…you can lose your house and other assets because of a court judgement?

Let’s face it we live in the age of the lawsuit. If a misstep or innocent accident lands you in court, you and your family could lose the assets you’ve worked hard to build.

That’s where Personal Umbrella Protection comes in. Umbrella Protection allows you to extend your auto, homeowners, and personal insurance policies to help protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve. You may extend limits of $1 million, $3 million or even $5 million, well above your other insurance policies. And its affordable.

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Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis

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