John Maxwell says he never leaves a meeting without asking his team, “What am I missing?”

The interesting thing is that he asks this question at the end of the meeting. After they have fleshed out whatever it was they were discussing and have set the game plan. John says he always assumes that he is missing something and asks and gives his team permission to point it out.

Recently I was listening to a teaching call by my other mentor, Paul Martinelli, on which he stated, “I would rather be rich than right.” He was referring to challenging conversations that he often has with his inner circle. Many times he would go with what the collective team thought best even when it went against what he initially thought was the way to go. He too was acknowledging that he has blind spots.

Everybody has blind spots.

To become our best we must be open to that fact and intentionally have the right people around us and give them permission to serve and/or speak into our lives.

I’m right there with you,

Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis

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